About Us

WinE was formed in April 1999 through the vision and support of Ing. Prof. K.A. Andam (of Blessed Memory), the 30th President of the Ghana Institute of Engineers to serve as a platform for women engineers to engage and support the next generation of female engineers in Ghana. The formation of this platform became necessary at the time when statistics indicated the need for a direct approach to issues such as the following:
Female child competes equally well with the male child and in many cases excels during the lower level of education yet the number of girl child enrolment in higher education in Science, Technology and Mathematics subjects however decreases.  

The thinking is that “girls aren’t any good at mathematics, science & technology”, girls don’t have the physical strength for engineering, etc”

Society and business in particular need to worry about the lack of representation of females in science, engineering and technology

Gender stereotyping leads us to ignore at least half the potential candidates for recruitment into these male-stereotyped careers.  

Our Story

We are a network of Ghanaian women engineering practitioners and student members within the Ghana Institute of Engineering. We support women to build successful career in engineering by creating opportunities for them to succeed. We do that by celebrating the achievements of other women in engineering whiles advocating for a more decisive approach in the formulation and the implementation of policies and other factors that affects us the practice of engineering in Ghana. 

Empowering females in the study and practice of Engineering to position them to soar higher and take advantage of opportunities in the sector. 

To be the leading female engineering association that encourages females to achieve their fullest potential no matter their ethnic origin or social background.


Promote the study and practice of engineering amongst females

Meet The Executives

We are here to connect and to support by creating opportunities for the next generation of women engineers and industry players


Ing. Dr. Mrs. Enyonam Kpekpena


Ara Dare


Dimitri Abernathy

We Are One Big Family

We inspire by showcasing our achievements and aspirations to enable our members and prospects to understand and contribute to achieve our vision.